Monday, May 30, 2011

The $200 bedroom with a View, and Wheels, Survival, 21st Century Style.

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Get used to GOP Tea Party America. Rather obviously the transients who did the car jacking in Auburn had no connection to this area.

Transients are not a temporary minor aberration. They are the new face of America, unless we can do something to change our economy, and drastically. I have no illusions that 40 mini-hutches is going to solve anything by themselves, except for the 40 individuals who will now have a vastly improved night's sleep.

What these do do, is to put a face on the problem, which is the positioning of the bulk of the USA populous in precarious financial positions, such that a $200 house is all they can afford, UNLESS WE RECOGNIZE the problem in advance and do a lot of thinking and then acting.

Currently, it seems the top of the power structure is basically saying, "So go away already, die if necessary, and the sooner the better." We are speaking out and putting a real FACE on the issue.

You do not reduce the financially disenfranchised by declaring them non-existent, or existing only in "other people's backyards," which seems to be the mode many are trying to embrace.

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