Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Fracking Doesn't Cause Earthquakes, Disposal of Fracking Waste Goo Does, Tortured Logic Revealed.

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If you love fracking, I suppose you like the tortured logic here:

where we don't blame fracking , but claim that pumping the waste slurry into deep wells afterwards, or the increased extraction of gas, is responsible instead???


"Love and Marriage. Love and Marriage,
Go together like a horse and carriage.
You can't have one,
You can't have one,
Without the other."

Ditto fracking and disposal of waste lube goo produced in the process.

Ditto earthquakes and taking out large quantities of gas.

Thinking in iso-logic* tight compartments leads to environmental and structural disasters.

*short for isolated logic, not "same."

Here's another group of idiots who try to comparmentalize the disposal of fracking fluids from the fracking process itself:

So I guess we should say, "Fine, go frack all you want, but find some other way of disposing of all the frackwater, other than lubing up Mother Earth for another go-round of earthquakes."

A case of bending over backwards to protect the industry can be found here:

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Don Pelton said...

I was browsing through this book in the Booksellers in Grass Valley today and I noticed that the author claims that it is possible to do fracking cleanly. I'm skeptical.

Here's the book:

"Energy For Future Presidents"