Sunday, September 09, 2012

Empty Promises and a Weasel for VP.

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One thing is for sure: Romney has no magic wand to bring back the middle class, nor does he expect to build one, either publicly or privately. I think the preferred mode is to put on a good show, lose to Obama, just barely, and then spend four more years making things worse and worse in Congress, and all the while, making money overseas, and affording themselves a very comfortable lifestyle, as the freeways unclog and only the few can afford most of what we would consider a middle class lifestyle or better.
Basically the goal is to wear down the American majority to the point where poverty is the normal order of the day. I wonder if at some point the workers of America will unionize as a whole, and refuse to work at any job for the rich unless it pays $40/hour or better? Not likely, but some will try, and scabs working for less will do so at their own risk. Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut outlined this situation very well and 70 years in advance.
By 2016 things may be so bad with the obstructionist Congress that the American public will take the bait, vote Republican, and be grateful for the trickles coming from the loo. Or, by 2014 they will be so pissed off at Congress that they will throw every Tea Apartheid idiot off of the bus, and settle down to a serious energy policy using those in the armed forces abroad here at home to build a full solar infrastructure, and growing their own food everywhere.
In any event it will be an interesting next 40 years, by which time I will be 107.
Or maybe underground, in a spot like this:

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