Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Hive, for People Down on Their Economy.

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 Those on the bottom bottom get locked up altogether in prisons.  The next tier above that would be a sleeping cocoon, warm and dry, in a stack of 30 or so other such cocoons.  You enter one at a time, get "celled" for the night, and can use the common potty when your door opens and it is your turn.  Pathway from potty is an instant shower/then blow dryer, whether you like it or not, regardless of garments, which should have been tossed already.  You get a new set each day, and a food debit card, that anaylses your diet and only allows stuff in your cart that the state says you need. You get a 2 foot cube to store your shopping cart contents, and a cart that is yours, and is designed with safety in mind. Each hive has buyback spots for recyclables.

The cocoon contains full internet access, and phone capabilities.  And you are issued a bioID card, recognized at instantellers across the land, so you can stash and retrieve cash.  On top of that, a very nice calendar and list of phone and address would print each day, and bus schedules as needed for appointment.

Oh, you got a job, using the above basic bottom?

Or, you've been taking online courses and passing tests?

Guess what?  Now you get a larger cocoon, and its common facilities are shared with fewer others, and you get to pick out a worker bee costume matched to your employer's desired fashion statement.  For a slight fee, the state will allow you to add ornaments.  And, you can purchase some junk food, on your food card. And a permanent 4 x 4 storage cube.

This structure can continue right on up, incentivising at every level, until finally the citizen has saved enough to go rent a regular apartment, etc.

Even in my supposed liberal paradise, equal isn't equal, unless you make an effort.  Will there be folks who stay in the bottom cocoons forever?  Maybe so.  Did I mention piped in birth control gases, in all the lower level cocoons?

Sci-fi in the making, will be coming soon, to a reality near you.

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Keachie said...

This is why we need The Hive Project, so that those on the bottom can work their way up, or be forever reminded of their own ineptitude. It also is an economical and humane way to care for those who really can't do any better for themselves. Saying that you are just staying their temporarily will so become the biggest lie since "the checks in the mail." Very quickly there will be a huge social incentive to get to at least a level 2 Hive, if not a level 3, and then on to a real apartment, and the chance to buy and eat food of your own choice.