Saturday, December 22, 2012

NRA is Both Impractical, Expensive and has Already Been Proven a Failure!

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Among full-time and part-time public school teachers in 2007–08, some 76 percent of public school teachers were female, 44 percent were under age 40, and 52 percent had a master’s or higher degree. Compared with public school teachers, a lower percentage of private school teachers were female (74 percent), were under age 40 (39 percent), and had a master’s or higher degree (38 percent).
In addition, among both males and females, 83 percent of public school teachers were White, 7 percent each were Black or Hispanic, 1 percent each were Asian or of two or more races, and less than one percent each were Pacific Islander or American Indian/Alaska Native in 2007–08.

In addition you have c. 98,000 public schools, c. 33,000 private schools, and 6700 institutions of higher ed.

So, one cop per school would be roughly 137,000 additional cops, if one cop per school was enough. Assuming worst case scenario, how long does it take a very healthy cop to run from the main office to the library at NU? Do you suppose the med student who did the Aurora cinemas, wouldn't have had the brains to set up a diversion at the oppposite end of a campus, if that was his target?
If I'm not mistaken, that number 137,000 would be about one quarter the total number of folks in all our armed forces, no? How much is that going to cost? Will you pay those taxes?

Columbine had an armed guard.

Viginia Tech had a police department.

And Fort Hood was an army base!

Far cheaper to fence the schools and have tightly controlled access, with video cams with motion detectors to check for fence climbers.

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