Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rebane's Gone Back to J**karse Mode Again

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After accepting a few post, George Rebane's site is totally balking at any ID I use to log in.  Since Michael invited me back, I gave it a whirl, but obviously my wit is too much for Rebane to stand.  Here is the last post I would have made.


"Greg, if a man has $100 and loses $ .10, he still has $99.90 left. If a man has $1,000,000,000 and loses $100,000,000, he still has $900,000,000.  Percentage wise the second man is much worse off. Practical wise, he is 76 virgins ahead of the first guy.  That is I believe Ben's point.  BTW, did you rent your hanger yet?  Great big sign at airport says they are available.   Typepad has its panties in a knot, keeps screaming about, imperium something or other."

If the blocking was unintentional, fix it George, we know you know how.

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