Friday, November 20, 2015

Ami Bera Voted Yes, Ooops! Here's a Few Ideas for Him Sponsoring a Replacement Bill

The only reason I can see for Ami's vote is that the Repubbys will use a "NO" vote to slam the heck out of anyone next election cycle. I do feel it is incumbent on Congressman Bera to sponsor a bill that replaces the one passed with a more reasonable approach. Perhaps some of these novel ideas can be incorporated:

On vetting refugees: Simple psych test for males. Have them interned with a game room, war video games, standard shoot'em-ups. Then, a month or two later, introduce a game with ISIS on one side, Coalition forces on the other. Observe which side they take, over at least twenty go rounds. Observe faces as the play, (split screen, video face and game screen). Now you know which ones to send back.

If commercial aircraft were equipped with a button that instantly turned the control over it to external air force jets until the final approach, the plane could be guided into an isolated airport, and never would planes be used as missiles again. This would not stop a bomb on board, but if either pilot or co pilot could push such a button, and after that the plane stayed up at altitude, until escorts arrived to bring it on down, then the terrorist(s) on board would have no leverage over the direction of the plane, by threatening to kill hostages..

In effect, this renders aircraft less desirable targets, because they can no longer be aimed to cause massive damages on the ground. The technology for external control of the aircraft is in place and well tested, and could even land the plane, if need be..

For the truly paranoid, how about a luxury cabin, lockable from the outside, bulletproof, and an external pop-open door. All passengers get to vote one person and fellow travelers, from among themselves to go to that cabin? Self contained with toilet and First Class food, and vouchers good for 1/2 off on next flight.

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