Thursday, July 07, 2016

Taser in Weak Hand, Gun in strong hand, Gun Pointed DOWN!

If you are part of the thin blue line,

It is now Time, to rethink how you go about facing a citizen,

About whom, you feel, uneasy.

Since accidents happen, make sure they happen, with minimal consequences.

If the taser goes off (like way too many guns have lately) you probably will not murder someone.

If they actually make a move, your good hand with the Glock will most likely counter it, especially if they've been tasered first, with no risk to yourself.

Going for the red line, and causing flatlines, it just not acceptable.

I can't think of anything that will do a better job of recruiting home grown lone wolf ISIL's, than continuing current police procedures which seem to including drawing guns for library fines. Stop it, already.

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Don Pelton said...

Really well said.

It sure feels like there's a "disturbance in the force" (and not just the police force). The world is -- or should be -- weeping today.

Thom Hartmann (on his radio show) has been talking a lot about "white privilege" lately, something few of us white people are aware of. In fact, he says that the first benefit of white privilege is never having to think about race. Whereas a person of color is probably always wondering ... "how will my skin color affect my chances at this job interview today" ... "how will my skin color affect that cop when I reach for my wallet ... " etc etc etc