Sunday, May 14, 2017

How to Avoid Gerrymandering the Congressional Districts.

With every census should also come computer programs from all 50 states. Made by computer science students at the universities and entered into a contest in each state, and the top 20 are then voted on by the people. Top vote getter, wins, even in cases of a near tie. Each program would use algorithms designed to make districts that would be somewhat geographically compact and simultaneously socio-economicaly and ethnically diverse.

The governors of all 50 states then meet and each one draws a program out of a fishbowl, and the program cannot come from his state.

This will result in much greater opportunity to kick the rascals out, and avoid the evils of gerrymandering.

It would also prevent politicians from saying, I've got 51% rednecks so I will vote 100% their programs, because in the next census shakeup, their nominal district might only be 45% rednecks.
In short a moderating influence on the actions of politicians.

It might even work out that some precincts might be added from one district to another contiguous district instead, to get a good spread of the state's population for each representative in Congress.  In California for example, some of Hillsborough might be added to Hunters Point, and some of Atherton to East Palo Alto,

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