Tuesday, August 13, 2019

A Set of Gun Laws That Would Work. Never tried before.

National gun and gun owner database, so simple a cop in a squad car can use it. Or a gun shop owner. Provisions for citizens and school officials to add non binding flags. Appeals process, of course.
Insurance required, prior to delivery, for all new to you weapons. Limitations on number of guns/magazines to be purchased within a time frame, which decreases with years of Safe Gun Ownership. This can stop "Straw Man ghetto special" buys. Real California ID or better, required.
All weapons used for for home defense, already owned, and not taken off property being defended, do not require insurance. Feel the need to go to gun range? Then you need insurance, as they will be required to check. Privacy? It's been gone since the first time you bought ammo with a credit/debit card.
2nd Amendment infringements have been around since the Gatling gun. "No hand grenaades for you, Mr Gunrighter!" So the US Congress (the original gun NAZI) has declared. If not infringed, please tell me where one can buy an armed, surface to air, missile?

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