Sunday, December 22, 2019

Merry Christmas for the Homeless!

Cheap, modular, well-insulated, stackable sleeping units, 10 different designs, every three years, need to be developed and mass produced at the national level, just like tanks, but a lot cheaper. Electricity and wifi equipped, small wash sink. I believe each person needs 24/7/365 personal space, lockable.  Also a free, must put money in first, debit account, and a simple internet capable cell, to get and hold a job. 

These things can be done, if there is the will to do them, in Congress and the Presidency.

Bernie, for sure, would support. Toilets, kitchen, laundry would be separate communal units. Toilets, one to every 10 units, so short walk. Sex and family orientations separated, as many different areas as are needed. Families in adjoining units with pass throughs. Kid-less couples accommodated, and pets too. Separate accordion fold out solar panel truck with Tesla's latest batteries, possibly two separate trucks.

There is currently a world wide shortage of shipping containers, so they are out.

We need to re-Prioritize and re-Organize, and stop this nonsense of the world's richest nation having inadequate shelter and medical care!

Decent shelter, decent health care, basic human rights. History will look back on the elite of the USA as we look upon the Aztec priests ripping out beating hearts

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