Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Ending High Speed Chases and Stopping the Carnage

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Ending High Speed Chases and Stopping the Carnage:

Now here's a simple solution to a deadly problem. I've called this into numerous talk shows, but to no avail. Probably another case of "not invented here."

Police, sheriff, CHP, state troopers are driving along and become aware of a baddie in a nearby car. They "light it up" (turn on the bubble gum or panel of lights on the top of the police vehicle) but the vehicle, instead of stopping, takes off at high speeds. This is very disrespectful of the police, and they take off after the baddies.

If this were done on a closed course, no problem, but it is often done on city streets at highway speeds, and is a totally unpredictable deadly menace to everybody, including the police and the baddie.

My solution:

Install a high powered paintball gun in the cruiser.

The ball contains a tennis ball sized glob of bright florescent paint of a special color reserved for law enforcement.

Have a special 911 style number, which only operates when there is a paintball released in the area.

People who see a vehicle with the large blob of special paint get to call in to the number and report the location of the vehicle.

3 of said callers will win prizes donated by the business community, or outright grants of say, 250 scratcher lottery tickets.

When the baddie hears a big splat on the rear of his or her vehicle, they know that everyone out there will be looking for a piece of the action.

Have a fine established of say $100 per 1/10th of each mile traveled beyond the point of the splat, to be billed to the car owner (assuming it is not stolen) or the baddie. The car is impounded and sold to pay the fine, if the car is not stolen, and the baddie cannot pay.

Hearing about a fellow baddie that just lost his/her new Lincoln Navigator, and still owes the car dealer $30,000, should cause most relatively sane baddies to slam on the brakes immediately.

Saw a great video clip today showing an aerial of a baddie trying to slip inbetween two 18 wheelers, with an empty lane between them. Just as the car gets up to the front of the pair, the one truck steers towards the other, and the car becomes a weggie !

Anyway, hope some day some where, one of my ideas helps one person.

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