Friday, November 18, 2005

Remembering and Honoring CHP Officer Andy Stevens

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Remembering and Honoring CHP Officer Andy Stevens of Roseville, California. An idea which occurred in the afternoon.

How can we discourage such killings of CHP and other officers ?

Maybe if cars had a place on the back, a part of the frame, with a 1/2" diameter hole through 1/2" thick steel, there could be a deterrent.

Officer approaches car, from behind as always. The difference is that he is carrying a latching, locking hook, attached to 1/2" steel cable, attached to a reel in the front of the police cruiser. Before he ever goes near the driver's door, he clips the hook. Any sudden jerks on the hook trigger a sensor which instantly call for backup. The hook hole could also be used by towing services.

The potential perp now nows that his only exit will be on foot. That should be disocuraging to most potential perps.

it's just a thought, but my intuition says it will work.

Douglas Keachie

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