Friday, January 13, 2006

How Many Bats are there in your Belfry ?

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Here's a 21st century parlour game.

I'm sure somebody else has already thought of this, but if not, I shall spread the joy of "The Estimate is Closest," which is sort of like "The Price is Right."

Open up your favorite search engine.

Open up your favorite dictionary.

Pick words at random and put them in the search engine.

Everybody guesses how many hits there will be.

Closest guess wins the round.

Typical example: "Bats in your Belfry" 569 hits "Belfry" 2 million plus hits.

Obviously this could have variations, like picking the words out, or using phrases.

The consequences of being farthest off could be like that of a certain form of poker, or having to consume something, etc. Far be it from me to suggest something specific that allows somebody to come back and sue me for their own foolish behavior.

Have fun!

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