Thursday, January 12, 2006

Why Blog ?

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Probably it's just a way of yelling, "aaaarrrgghhh" while going down on the Titanic. Like my old notebooks, at least if I've written it down, I can ignore the throughts if they come rushing in around my head again. When you get right down to it, all the nasty stuff that happens elsewhere to other people does not directly affect you, at least not physically. See "For Whom the Bell Tolls," for the mental side.

If you're worried about nutcases like the guy who just killed some ex-cop because he was wearing a baseball cap with a big letter "A" on it, there's really very little you can do, except dogs, detection systems electronic, fences, and weaponry, and that's only good while at home. Well actually, I now often take at least one dog into town with me, and that way I don't worry to much about picking up a hitchhiker, or being carjacked. Anyone who will get into a truck with a large shepard rottwieller might really be crazy, but they're really going to be restrained too.

Oh, the guy who killed the retired cop with the big "A," claims he thought it stood for "anti-Christ." That's even worse than the gang killings of innocent people who happen to wear either red or blue. Love to see the Crypts and the Bloods at the Democratic and Republican Conventions..... Why can't a third party be formed with the best of both, leaving the dreck behind ? Money responsibility from the repubs, social care from the Dems, that how I see it.

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