Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Am I stupid, or is there mass insanity....

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Am I stupid, or is there mass insanity....and nobody sees a solution ?

I-710 at Firestone near Long Beach.

Man in car in next to fast lane.

All lanes blocked.

They bring in armored vehicles.

Nobody's heard of a dump truck and gravel ???????

Back dump trucks with gravel up to vehicle. Dump gravel. Vehicle is now surrounded by gravel 6 feet or higher. Use crane to bring in freeway divider concrete blocks. Vehicle is now surrounded by wall 9 feet high, resting on the gravel piles. Now attach metal shields to concrete freeway divider blocks to capture or slow down arcing fire, extending wall up to 16 feet or so. Let traffic flow and wait the person out. Tempt him with food. Use remote boom to bring in cameras, negotiating phones, and food. And water. Actually, salty food and no water, old Scottish trick.

Can he shoot the gravel trucks? Yes, but other than flat tires, he can't hurt drivers in armored cabs.

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