Wednesday, March 08, 2006

BahRumphage, a New World Wide Epidemic !

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BahRumphage, A Modern Affliction is best defined as stuff a consumer or citizen has to deal with in order to find stuff out or get things done. Sometimes it is in place because of stupidity in organization of materials by the vendor or agency. Offtimes methinks it is in place becuase of an intentional desire to avoid dealing with a consumer who is not profitable immediately, or a voter who is annoying the peace and quiet the average bureacrat feels he or she is entitled to.

This morning I dealt with Hewlett Packard, H/P HP, trying to get a part for a laptop less than 5 years old, a pair of memory chips. It wouldn't come up through the website, so I called the number. Her information was incomplete, but she did tip me off to yet another part of the website. I went there to learn that the part was replaced by yet another part. I tracked down the second part to discover I had to call back in. This time I learned that the part was no longer available, but at least I was able to pry out of this guy that I should use Kingston first, the Micron, and so on on down. At least now I had a generic description of the part.

I then go to Kingston, which recommends 5 different vendors, including themselves, which was nice, complete with prices for the first time. Now armed with an exact part number, I go to EBay and locate said part for 1/2 the lowest Kingston listed price. And 1/2 the lowest price Fry's of unknown manuafacturer. Time lost, 1 1/2 hours.

BahRumphage, Fat Arrses getting in your way every time you try to get things done !

Another example, from government, California, Placer, Yuba, and all 52 counties. Should you need an emergency credential (a friend here, I have mine valid through 2010) you need finger prints to get it. Should you wish to work for the county looking up your fingerprints for the credential, you need yet another fingerprinting, as they can't share the info with themselves ! Money from educational people (including parent volunteers!) to the Department of Justice, nice funding scheme ! Just more run of the mill BahRumphage ! Second set of prints, another $57 lost. BTW each county you teach in requires separate prints, and sometimes even parts of counties !

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