Saturday, April 01, 2006

Air Ambulances, and other Emergency Problems

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On Tom Sullivan, KFBK, 1530 AM dial, the other day, he was discussing the use of air ambulances (helicopters) in urban areas, and the difficulties.

Accident happens
Emergency crew or CHP arrives
Determine need.
Figure out where to land. Clear area of unneeded people.
Have land ambulance bring patient to chopper
Land and go.

The last part is great.

The rest of it can take forever.

The cost is amazing, $10,000 and up per flight, even if it is not needed, and you are not that hurt, you get stuck with the bill. I feel like posting a sign saying the fear of paying $17,000 will kill me.

To speed things up I'd make an ambulance that has a detachable, hoistable, patient care box. My younger daughter informs me that often you need technicians at all times with a critically ill patient. If personnel from the chopper were needed below, they could rappel down to the ground and take over from the EMT's.

The advantage is that the chopper does not have to land, thus saving a ton of time, and the patient does not have to be transferred.

A second issue came up when a battalion chief from Sacramento was on the air, and this issue amazes me.


This could be changed by mounting forward facing video rigs in the emergency vehicles, and then later going through the tapes and sending all registered owners warnings. The second time the same car (or a different car, same owner) shows up not pulling over, the car is impounded for 30 days, or a fine of $2,000.00 is paid, or both.

When I called in with the suggestions, the screener refused to give me air time, admittedly she did have some excellent people in my place.

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