Sunday, April 09, 2006

Qualcomm's Eudora has Problems

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I wrote this on the "unmoniotred forum at Qualcomm in response to another user who had a suspiciously similar experience.

In Box Blown Away twice in Two weeks

I know the feeling. I'm in paid mode, have what they described as the "most stable version, 6. something or other, and two weeks ago the entire previous six months of the IN Box just vanished. I frantically tried to call tech support, waited over 20 minutes for "4 calls ahead of me," called in again, finally got person who said "no problem," and then shifted me to the "leave a message" line. I've seldom been madder in my life. I gave up on those messages, concluded that maybe 2,400 was too many, and started anew. It just happened again. In Box Blown Away this evening, for the second time in two weeks.

Given the tech support quality, and the magnitude of the error, I will be going back to Outlook or something else. Eudora does not deserve it's rep in the modern world. I use ZoneAlarm and a full copy of CA ETrust, both updated daily. The rest of my Eudora boxes are still there, but I have no idea for how long. Any ideas of other alternatives to Eudora and Outlook, I'd like to hear them.

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