Wednesday, April 18, 2007

GE Goes for the Gold

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Without a doubt the ads are costing a fortune. Without a doubt the marching orders were, "spare no expense," get the radical boomers to think kindly of us, so that when we say, "well, Nuke's are the only answer that works," they'll listen with a somewhat friendly ear.

I much rather see a dry chart that showed GE's spending on solar and wind power, as contrasted with their spending on nuke developments and just plain manufacture. But I rather guess the story they would tell is not something GE wants made public. How much do they spend on nuclear power ? What are their annual sales figures ?

The Donovan 'Try and Catch the Wind" ad is brilliant. I hope Donovsan donates at least half to organizations and businesses that really try to do just that. I worry that they just got a bunch of PI's together to find out what aging rock stars needed the cash the most, scanned the lyrics for tie-ins, and then moved in for the kill. Dylan's donation to Kaiser Permanente was great, and the ads are very human, I like those.

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