Friday, April 20, 2007

Possible Solution for Viginia Tech Columbine Situations

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Here's a solution, or at least a few thoughts about elements of a solution.

The problem is how to allow for a group to stop a killer, without proliferating more weapons for the unstable.

Bright orange mini crossbow.

Only legal when bolts (arrows) are tipped with stench gooey sticky tip, and one of two components which cause relatively instant non-lethal sleep.

Cocking and trigger mechanisms only function if bolt contains RFID chip from approved manufacturer. RFID chip includes unique ID which can be traced to original purchaser.

Accurate within 3 feet at 60 feet.

If more than 6 of these were in a given classroom, they would certainly slow down a shooter. If they were all over the place, people would be able to fight back in a non-lethal fashion, and this at least would reduce the carnage.

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