Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Corporations and Illegals with the Right Stuff

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Thanksgiving Day saw an "illegal" save a 9 year boy in a remote USA desert after mom died in a car crash. He did this even though he knew he would be sent back to Mexico for his efforts. He said he thought of his own children.

On the KGO radio show of Gene Burns, hosted by Brian Copeland, last night, a caller suggested that a family should sponsor this obviously outstanding potential citizen. A sponsor is one who will take responsibility for assuring a new potential citizen's success in this country.

I normally am at odds with the concept of corporations having all the rights of humans, especially the right as a 100 million per year human to lobby for yet more laws in that particular corporation's favor. I think such sillynesses may be what historians will record as a prime reason for the fall of the USA.

But, if corporations have such human rights, then why can't a non profit corporation be formed to "sponsor" new potential citizens. Instead of all the responsibility falling on one family, let a bunch of people band together, chip in cash, buy or lease a half way house, take turns teaching English and other skills, and give men and women like this guy a chance?

Oh, he broke the law? Yes. If you ever break a law, do you make a citizen's arrest on yourself? If your boss breaks a law....your nephew.....your mother in law??? See, there are some breakings of law you just ignore or look the other way at. Let common sense temper the law with sanity and compassion.

Fortunately this seems to be happening in this case.

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