Thursday, February 07, 2008

How About a New IRS in Which No Individuals

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How About a New IRS in Which No Individuals,
just the corporations, are taxed?

Since AlwayRight (a local commenter at The Union newspaper) claims that the Republicans and their corporations are responsible for everything that gets done, let's have the corporations take full responsibility for ALL THE TAXES the government collects.

To encourage the formation of corporations, there will be no income taxes on anyone who works for themselves, with no employees (except family) helping them. There will be no income taxes on any employee who works for a corporation or government body. A soon as the workers get together and figure out a new way to make some product or service, with their new found freedom from taxes and resultant available capital, we'll have yet another corporation to tax! Wonderful!

Hey, thanks for the inspiration, Mr. AlwaysRight!

I've always wanted a cool answer to the Flat Taxers, and this is it. What shall we call this new tax plan ? I'm open to suggestions.

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