Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Picture Perfect Cultural Diversity Self Test

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I've discovered a new game. If you go to the Reuters site below, and you click on the slide show option, you will get a description of a news event somewhere in the world. If you cover up the part of the screen where the picture appears before clicking on the next picture, you can then make up a scene in your mind based on the description.

For example, there was described a man in England looking over his damaged bedroom aftre the earthquake. in my mind I conjured up an image reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes in garb and demeanor, looking into a bedroom straight out of the Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. The picture turned out to be of a young man, and could have been taken in any San Jose apartment, complete with stereo and laptop and unmade bed.

Another scene in Peru was also just as USA, just as modern, at a hairdresser's parlour, and just as much a surprise to good old narrow minded me. The world is racing towards the mall in most places.

Reuters Location for Catch of the Day Pictures.

(be sure to click on "slide show" to get the desired effect)

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Anna Haynes said...

another one, that I'm trying *very* hard to stay away from, is Google Image Labeler.

egads, talk about addictive...