Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Modest Transit Proposal

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My system for transit utilizes a personally owned passenger compartment, and state owned (or private companies meeting standards) engines, steering, powertrain, wheels, and guidance system. The passenger compartment mates with the other half the same way a camper mates with a pickup, except with more connections.

For long distance travel, the compartment is popped off the powertrain assembly and plunked on a flatcar like railcar with enough room for a passageway to restrooms, bar/dining/workspace cars,etc. Each flatcar holds many passenger compartments. Roadways and track gauge would be widened.

The powertrains would rent for different rates, depending on power and comfort desired.

You want to drive for fun in a gas powered vehicle you drive? Great, we have courses for that, but they are not cheap. It's a game like golf, high maintainence.

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