Sunday, May 04, 2008

Iraq, the Economy, Health Care, and Education, No Racist Crap

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Welcome to the Democratic talking points!

Has it occurred to any Republicans that they are dependent on having an energized workforce?

Do Republicans have any idea how disheartened and discouraged their workforce will be if they are allowed to retain the Presidency? Are they planning on going over to a robotic and overseas workforce, and a bunch of reeks and wrecks for an underclass, a la Kurt Vonnegut's "Player Piano?"

If the workers feel that they have no part of the American Dream, and no way of getting it, the USA will have Marvin, the Paranoid Android for workers. Ryss and Savage and the like do their best to propagandized that the Repubs have the workingmans' interests at heart, but reality is filling their tanks just barely half way these days.

I spotted a kid with a shiny new black Ford 150, stalled out on the side of the road, walking away from it with a 5 gallon can. He'd obviously run out of gas, and he'd obviously done it before, because he had a nice shiny new 5 gallon can. He, and the rest of the American workers, are getting tired of, "Walking from New Orleans." I wonder how soon that truck will be repo'd? Who wants to pay for a truck that drives from the carport with just enough gas to get to the next destination?

If Republicans want this country back on track in the global rat race, it's time for a Democrat to breath the air around the White House.

And no racist crap about Wright, thank-you.

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