Thursday, June 05, 2008

End Iraq How? Brown, Barack Now!

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This is a slogan for those of us in the 4th Congressional District of the Great State of Californeya. Charlie Brown is running against Tom McClintock, a Ryght WingTipper Dipper if there ever was one. He maintained a residence in Southern California where his District was, while moving his home and family permanently to easy driving distance to Sacramento, the state capitol. He has since collected $300,000 for living "so far away," ($170/day) while cutting veterans benefits, and he lies with every campaign mailer he produces. Guided by God? I think not.

Charlie Brown is giving 5% of his campaign money to veterans groups, has a son in Iraq, and is retired from the Air Force himself, and has been a school teacher.

"You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown!"

You all know Barack, and I'm glad to see my Barack Effect come alive so quickly in the Black Community. If you recall one of my arguments for him was that it would lift test scores in inner city schools without spending a dime. I saw evidence of uplifted spirits in kids and adults alike throughout all communities on TV last night. Now we will have a country we can all be proud of, regardless of who wins in November, but I have no doubt that Obama will sweep, and racists will weep, the few that are still around.

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