Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mortgage Blowup? The Dems Fault?

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I do most of my writing these days at The Union, our local paper. (

One of our pesky Ryghtys declared that the mortgage crisis was caused by the Dems in Congress since 2006, so I responded as follows:

Mortgage blowup? The seeds were sown and fertilized and tended with great enthusiasm by large and small businesses, and a Republican government that wanted a county to think that it could pay for a greedy war and that Peak Oil would never come.

Bush and Ryghtys estimates of possible barrels of oil at prices below $4/ gallon are as accurate as Bush's assessment of WMD. It ain't there folks, not even at $9.11/gallon, which will be Bush's and the Republicans real legacy from the years of 2001 - 2006, when the foundations were laid, and so was America. History will call it rape.

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