Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dog Eat Dog Worlds

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Reading, a "The Union" newspaper Commenter, wrote:

"Keachie~The "system" or human nature?

There can be rich people without poor people, unless you depend on taxes for your wealth! If you live off of recycled tax in the form of a paycheck, then you do need the poor to keep you employed.

I don't believe in taking from someone to "help" someone else. That is a spirit breaker. People need to have character within themselves to give and help without force for it to be meaningful both to the giver and receiver. "

Keachie wrote:

In a dog eat dog world, only the stupid dogs would stop to help others, as every dog would supposedly need all their resources to survive against stronger dogs who are out to control it all.

Reading, is it "the system" or just "human nature" that causes some individuals to be born in a ghetto and unwanted, vs being born to a family on Banner Mountain?

Yes, some do manage to claw their way up to a PhD, but out of how many originally born there, vs. how many of those born in Banner Mt. type homes? We both already know the answer, you just want an excuse to turn your back on the problem. The problem is, what do we need to do to achieve a society in which there is a respectable and self sustaining job (shelter and medical) for anyone willing to work a 40 hour week?

One Suggestion:

For the slugs, thugs, and dregs, fly them, separated by sexual preferences, to separate valleys in Nevada, such that it is a 10 - 20 day walk out, with basic food an shelter every 8 miles

Access to the food and shelter is via airlock style entryways, activated via thumbprint or retinal scan. As soon as the next bunch is flown in, the quality of food and shelter available to an unwilling to walk person goes down a notch. Put in several layers, and in the end, it is bread and water and a vermin free concrete slab with a blanket.

In time, you will identify all your true mental cases.

The workers coming out of the ends of the valleys will be 10 - 20 days drug free and in fairly good physical shape. There they receive free transportation to a job of their choice for which they are qualified, and shelter housing until their first paycheck.

Great background for a sci fi novel, any takers?


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