Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Limbaugh = Goebbels, Done Fatter

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Let's see.

I choose for my dad a man in prison, I choose for my mom a lady strung out on drugs, I choose for my group home leader some loser who couldn't make a lot of money in the private sector, I choose for my school a place surrounded by shootouts and drugs and sex on the corners, populated by 20% kids desperately trying to leave, like me, and 20% by kids who view at as their prime mission in life, to wreck any semblance of a learning situation. I choose ZERO in inheritance. Yup, those are all my choices, and I am responsible for every one, so says Reading.

Her kids, of course, "choose" somewhat differently.

Reading, a commenter in The Union Newspaper, wrote the following, which inspired my post above:

"reading wrote:
Who really in America is "low socio-economic"?

IF there really are "low socio-economic" in America MOST cases are a result of bad choices/lack of motivation. (I am NOT talking about people with any physical conditions [MS is an example] that limit their choices)"

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