Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Boffo PooPoos Cultural Change Via Technology

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And so I responded with:

Oh Boffo!

Let's compare phones of 1970 vs those of today. Today's kindergartner can out call and out text President Nixon with ease.

Are you still lugging that room full of key punching equipment to make cards for your mainframe?

Reagan had little to do with the downfall of Russia. The personal computer, the xerox machine, and most importantly the wide spread use of black market videos which showed a warped but enticing view of the West did far more to demoralize the USSR than anything Reagan did or said. He may have cut the ribbon, but that dam was ready to blow regardless.

How many snail mail missives did you send each day in 1970? How much stuff did you buy from points 3,000 miles away from total strangers? How many trips to the library did you make to check out what your doctor was telling you? How many elections were funded and won on-line?

How many cold cases were solved using fingerprints, as compared to DNA?

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