Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Tea Party is Screaming Tidal Wave When When faced with Forest Fire

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Nobody in this country is going to win until we squarely face the Big Three:

Container Ships


Modern Internet Communications

These three have driven capitalistic organized jobs off shore. The rest of the world is now discovering that what the Americans can't buy (Tap City), the rest of the rest of the world CAN buy, at somewhat reduced prices. The party has gone away, and it is not coming back, except in the form of rich capitalists from abroad buying up cheap real estate in the USA.

Welcome to the 21st Century, and for God's sake and your own, stop bickering over obvious necessities like health care for all, and biometric national ID's, plus jail for employers who hire non citizens, to stop the flood of illegals.. Put a firm and solar powered foundation under the country and maybe, just maybe, if we all pull together, we can bounce upwards, instead of being blasted downwards.

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