Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Like the Palindrome Collection from Chu

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Speaking about motivations, the Queen of the Baggers, the Killa from Wasila is now knocking down about 12 million a year from here speaking engagements while flying around the country on private jets and demanding that any speaking engagement (and God knows speaking is a term we use loosely when it comes to Caribou Barbie) she agrees to get highly paid to do, has to insure that she'll have no pesky questions coming directly from the people who are expected to pay $500.00 a ticket to hear her mash up Republican-bagger talking points.Look, there's no doubt that the the people who are manipulating that bagger masses will do whatever they can to not only undermine Obama, but destabilize the entire idea of government as well so they can create their idea of heaven, a totally corporate run, privatized state.The poor baggers are dupes and they've yet to learn that fact.

Payless should be in conversation with Carly Fiorina on the future of the USA for at least 2 hours, live and unrehearsed. We'd all learn a lot.

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