Sunday, April 11, 2010

Illegal Aliens, SOLVED!

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"But our handicapped language no longer supports a clear discussion of the illegal alien problem. "

Nope, it is not a language problem. It is a logic problem. Why do the come? They come for money. How do they get money? They often work for it, and an employer gives it to them.

How do you efficiently stop the cycle?

You fine or jail the employers, if they are caught hiring illegals. How will they know? After the first 100 are sitting in jail, having paid out $10,000, no one will hire anyone.

Oh really? A new industry will spring up, that creates biometric ID for workers, having very carefully vetted them. Employers will pay to have the vetting company issue a bond certifying the bear of said ID to be a citizen of the USA.

Of course the Repubbys who hire cheap labor and depend on it for union busting will never let it go through. Americans won't pick crops? Elephant exhaust! For $20/hour they will. Pass the cost on to the consumer. Oh, the consumer will only buy produce from overseas? Overseas doesn't produce enough. California exports food.

Dems want voters? Nowhere near as bad as Repubbys want their illegal workers.

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