Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fixing Our National Gloom

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You want to fix our National Gloom?

If you really want to improve education in this country, then improve the quality of life for all.

Let prisoners in jails earn money by learning to read and write using fun software developed over 20 years ago by IBM, “Writing to Read.”, and then taking classes on line and passing tests for cash rewards, 1/2 of which is sent to their families on the outside, 35% is placed in savings accounts, 10% to victims funds, and 5% which is available to spend in prison.

Pass a simple law that says the most highly compensated individual in any organization cannot receive more in gross compensation than 5,000 times what the least paid USA employee makes. Outsourcing of work cannot be done using any sub-corporation that works more than 50% of the time for the parent corp, just to stop that obvious loophole.

If top exec makes $10,000,000 gross, then the least paid employee must make at least $20,000.

Cut the corporate taxes, of all companies totally based in the USA, who employ 1,000 employees or more, all employees certified USA citizens, by 10%, 500 to 999, by 20%, 250 to 499 by 30%, 100 to 249, by 40%, 2 or more non related employees by 50% ( but only where 50% or more of the employees are non related).

This would be a tax cut for corporations that would stimulate the USA economy, instead of making the mattresses of the ├╝berrich fat and lumpy.

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Don Pelton said...

Addressing the deplorable income inequality in the US would go a long way toward reducing the "gloom." But it's a deep structural problem. Here Jon Stewart -- at his savage best -- explains the inequality problem: