Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cyberbaiting the Teacher Destroys Learning in the Classroom, a Cure for This Idiocracy.

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It is high time that a teacher be allowed to set up multiple cameras and mics in his or her classroom, to squash any students who would like to engage in cyberbaiting, and to shut up, once and for all, parents who claim their little Johnny or Susie would NEVER do what the teacher claims they did. Modern surveillance software and wireless nanocams and an on-teacher wireless mic will set up a room for less than a grand, and i 'll bet many teachers would consider it a great form of insurance.

What costs the quality of education in the USA the most is the enabling by the parents and administrators of the favorite pastime of a sizable portions of the students. That pastime is best described as, "chewing up the clock." The less that is presented to and learned by the better students, the easier the resulting tests will have to be, and cyberbaiting is FUN!.

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SkiTheStars said...

Parents and voters have to decide. Do they want to send their kids to school to use teachers as chewy toys, or do they want their kids in an environment where they can actually learn something? A teacher is often caught in the middle, with half the kids complaining he/she isn't teaching, while the other half the kids keep him or her from teaching. This is brought about by administrators and parents doubting the word of the teacher over the students, and the students knowing this to be the case. Just as cops have the right to red light cameras, so should teachers have the same rights, for the same reason. Deterrence!