Monday, February 27, 2012

Conservative Math is Flawed

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Let's see if I got this right:
In the quest for lower taxes, not smaller government per se, you all cheered when better technologies allowed for fewer government employees, and you reduced the number of employees. Right?
You also are all men of your word, your word stand for something, and your government's word is likewise supposed to be sacred, right?
So basically speaking, you only did part of the math. You, not the government employees, forgot to take into account that fewer employees would result in lower tax revenue, and thus less money to pay the pensions which you had already promised to do. Right?
Now who are you blaming for and want to have pay for YOUR BIG FAT MISTAKE?
The government employees, right?
Somehow the situation is all their fault, right?
The pensions were set up well before the demands for lower taxes via fewer employees, right? I'm not positive on this, but I'm pretty darned sure the pensions were not set up post 2007.
It's cool that automated websites and phone systems can handle many more citizens requests for information than a bunch of employees at a much lower cost, but in calculating that much lower cost, YOU FORGOT to take into account the pensions that had already been promised as a condition of employment. Poor math aptitude, if I ever saw it.
"The devil is always in the details."
or more accurately, "The devil is always in the details, prior obligations, YOU forgot to factor in".
Don't go around blaming others for your mistakes, be a Lannister, and pay your debts. And next time, do oversee the details.

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