Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The Union's Towntalk, a Pithy Review

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Looks like someone's ticked off that I called The Union on their no payment for freelance photography policy this morning in Towntalk, and they didn't even publish it!  Otherwise why all the interest in this old post today?

Towntalk seems to have evolved into a cross between a very long one act improv  play, varying between comedy and pathos and back fence gossip; and a good bar,less the smoke (on my end) and expense of the liquor.  The Union has rejected me under my own name, but happily accepts my comments as, "Dignified Reader."

Dear Union, please note the time stamp of this post, and then go look up, and learn who it is you've been quite happy to publish for the last couple of weeks.  Surprise!  Note the time stamp at farstars is older than your time here and now.  If you wish to delete "Dignified Reader,"  I'll be back, under a new nom de sock, new IP, new OS, new browser, etc.  Hamilton and Harbert should understand, I am more than capable of shifting writing styles with ease, using different vocabs, etc, just as I am versatile with a camera.

It is now 9:10 am on Thursday, February 8th.

Interesting switch noticed this morning, after I suggested to the moderator that they substitute Jeff Ackerman's name into any questionable post to see if it "sounded OK."  The first image was the total insult, published by the moderator, I don't know which one.  I assume it slipped through because probably some of the commenters get Gold Passes to publish without moderation.

TheUnionUnmodified copy


Then follows the deletion and admonishment, after my comment went in.  They did not publish my comment.

UnionModifiedCropped copy

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