Monday, June 04, 2012

Is Zimmerman Guilty, at Least of Being Stupid?

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"district attorney released evidence supporting Zimmerman against the hooligan who was pounding his head into the concrete.  ~George Rebane~

What evidence? A man let go to go home and fix himself whatever which way he choose, or capable of self inflicting wounds even before the police arrived, could have done any of the damage by himself or even with help from others. He who is capable of denying having any money with $200,000 grand in the bank is capable of lying about the whole thing.

It could have been that Zimmerman already had the gun out, Trayvon turned around to face him, took a desperate swing, connected, they both went down, Trayvon yelling "help help help" and Zimmerman then got his shot off. Why would you believe anything this lying {PROVEN} stalking {PROVEN} gun tooting {PROVEN} woose would say? Why is there just a cell phone image of the back of the head, none of the face, none of Trayvon's body, why just ONE shot?  And that shot shows two sideways scratches, not consistent with head banging on concrete.  Might be consistent with fingernails, would there be DNA in Trayvon's grave?

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