Saturday, June 02, 2012

Let's Upgrade Our Homeless !

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We have no problems building jails, and feeding prisoners. One in every one hundred Americans lives in one today. How about a bank of secure, 1 on 1, sleeping bathing facilities, with a human watching to make sure just one willing person goes into each such locker? Enough space for a single bunk, and a shower commode combination area, and a few healthy snacks. This does not have to be large, most yachts 28 feet and larger do this four four people, inside a curved hull with pointy ends, motors, etc.

 Spend the full night, putting your clothes in a bag in a chute before you go to sleep, clean clothes in the morning, and a free breakfast coupon awaits you when you exit. Mass produced these shelters would be far cheaper and more effective than most of what we've got going now. A person regularly living in one would be employable. Pay something each night, and get an upgraded one. Put a real bottom safety net in place, instead of, "where would you like to get mugged, raped tonight?"

Design competition needed. Basics: steel, not has heavy as a cargo container, but probably similar exterior dimensions, so they can be easily moved to disaster areas. 8x8 x 20 would hold two people easily. Electrical and plumbing hookups, indestructible easily washable insides.

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