Monday, April 29, 2013

Handling a Berserker in a Grocery Store

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This just might save your or someone else's life some day.  From a discussion about alternatives to CCW.

  • Grabbing an hurtling as many soup cans as fast as possible in the supermarket scenario, ain't being Walter Mitty. You will draw his fire, at 68 I'll risk it all, on the grounds others will see and follow suit, before he gets to me.
  • Take the cap off a vinegar bottle and toss that. BBQ light anyone? Bleach? Hammers in the hardware aisle, motor oil in automotve, and be sure to try the mortar approach from the next aisle. Or go get a knife yourself in the housewares aisle.
  • Broken Champagne bottles? Yogurt? How many potatos can you launch in 5 seconds. Artichoke Hearts jars are perfect.
  •  and of course, banana peels, bulk pepper.
  • Ram him with a shopping cart! Damn the knives, full speed ahead!

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