Friday, April 12, 2013

Bicyclists Should Pay Their Fair Share? HA!

Written in response to some person who thinks bike paths should be paid for by bicyclists alone, and not with HER money.

  • This bicyclist pay taxes, plenty of them, and bicyclist keep the air cleaner and the population healthier, as long as selfish roadhogging inattentive motorists don't bump them off. Trust me, you have plenty of lobbyists hustling for the other side already, and using My money, for purposes I could care less about.

  • You need to study the concept of "public right-of-way." Way back when, the motorcar and oil companies pushed to get the roadways, which belonged to ALL Who Traveled, paved, so that they could go faster and more comfortably, they did NOT pay one bloody cent to buy the land outright. Back then, visionary bicyclists, horseback riders, horse drawn carriage folks, were concerned that cars would steal the commons, and INDEED, it has come to pass. Note that the car folks never paid for the right of ways, they just paid for improving them to their advantage. For motorists to truly own the roads, they would have had to buy up the land, and start from scratch. They never did that. So Share the Roads! And give back what's been stolen to make Ford, GM, Exxon, and the rest richer than stink, and block mass transit, which is proven to be far safer per passenger mile traveled. 40,000 dead plus per year is just insane.

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