Thursday, November 07, 2013

Propaganda Piece on CNN, White Washing Nuke Power, a Review of Pandora's Promise

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Tune in on CNN right now,for a propaganda film that will rank with the best of Hitler's as they attempt to show co-opting of liberals and scientists in favor of nuclear power plants. Watch for the "background radiation" red herring. They will claim that the radioactive particles released are barely measurable against the background radiation we receive from space and out environment. This is the BIG LIE.

On a Geiger counter, yes, barely different. BUT, how the radiation is applied to your body, aye, there's the rub. Background radiation hits random parts of your body, one zinger through the nose, the next through your big toe. Overall, lots of hits but they are hitting a different set of molecules (you have three trillion in your body) with every passing cosmic ray. The odds of the same cell being hit over and over, just about nil.

Now consider a particle that lodges in your bone marrow or thyroid. It sits in one place, often for the rest of your life, what there is of it. The radioactive particle itself consists of millions of radioactive atoms. It will continue emitting damaging energy, which affects the nearby cells over and over, until one or more of them goes cancerous.

Same reading on the Geiger counter, very different outcomes, but I will bet that this docu-propaganda piece will never mention these facts. I learned this from John Gofman, the MD and physicist. that the original Atomic Energy Commission hired to research the effects of radiation on living matter, and to determine safe levels for exposure. When he found out there were no level that were safe, not even background radiation, they terminated his research, and burned his papers in a fire that mysterious broke out in his garage in San Francisco above Bret Hart Park. My then father-in-law was good friends with him, I was all of 30. Read his writings, and inform yourself.

It's totally ironic that they lined up Cancer Centers of America as a sponsor. Plowing ahead with this dangerous course will provide them with many more patients.

I further submit that the powers that be have very strong interests in not causing world wide panic over the real consequences of Fukishima, and are terrified about how to handle those fuel rods. Not only would a collapse totally spread radiation, it will also solidify the push for decentralized consumer owned power generation, which greatly reduces profits and gives the common man much more control over their own destinies. Or, in the really worse case scenario, there is so much stuff in that pool of fuel rods, that when it collapses, enough radiation is running so hot and close together that a chain reaction of epic proportions occurs, most commonly know as the detonation of a very dirty nuclear bomb, and a gigantic one at that. 

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