Tuesday, August 04, 2015

On Overdriving Your Reflexes, and Bicyclists

So the point is, "Do you value going faster than your reflexes will allow you to stop, more than the value of your vehicle?"

Here's the deal. I had a 100 lb rock roll off the mountainside and in front of my car, which hit it, while it was still in mo

The insurance company gave me the third degree over whether or not it had stopped rolling.

It hit the right front tire, I was doing less than the limit, 30 mph going up from the S Yuba bridge towards NSJ. It popped the whole truck up in the air, and the truck came down on that rock, squarely on the transmission. It totaled the truck.

It took a month or so to get the $6,000 from the insurance company, as they were determined to get me to say that the rock was stationary, even if for only one second. If they could do that, then I was at fault, and they would not have had to pay one red cent.

So overdrive your reflexes, hit a stationary object or one which you could have stopped for, and you can lose the entire value of your vehicle. You have been warned.

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