Thursday, February 22, 2018

How Requiring a Bond Would Drive Up Black Market Gun Prices by Creating Shortages.

Let's Require a refundable bond (after x number of years with interest) for all weapons that meet the criteria exhibited by many of the mass shooters' weaponry.

The criteria are rate or fire, regardless of accuracy (most mass shooters have chosen fish in barrel targets, accuracy is not crucial).


Time.  In this case 18 rounds fired in under 4 seconds, by seasoned shooters, who have owned the weapon for three or more months, and have fired at least 1,000 rounds.  In other words, Seasoned Amateur Shooters, so this means: no military, no gun industry paid grandstanders, see Jerry Miculek, etc.


These times and rate of fire will be established using only magazines made by the manufacturer of the original weapon.  Beretta magazines for Beretta weapons, and Glock magazines for Glock weapons and so on, for other manufacturers.

Based on what I have seen of the two criteria, as effected by various mass shooters, it would seem that any weapon, even if it looks like Elmer Fudd's shotgun or StarTrek's phasers, if it can shoot 18 rounds in under 4 seconds, including magazine changes, (if required by state law requirements), would be considered a weapon that can only be purchased in tandem with a $2,500 bond.

This would result in an odd twist.  California limits magazines to 10 rounds.  To reach 18 you would have to have a magazine change, midway through, just enough of a delay to knock many weapons off the bond requirement.  In states  where 30 round magazines are legal, the Colt AR-15 easily beats the criteria, and the Feds, who will be collecting the bond, will have their pound of flesh.   It will be cheaper to own in 10 round limit magazine states.

Since your new baby comes with a risk of great financial loss if you "lose" it, you will be more likely to lock it up.  Kids will be safer.  Because to get your bond back, it can not be a prime actor in any "accident."

What is the effect on the Black Market?

To buy a new weapon and flip it, by selling it illegally, and claiming it stolen, you would have to cover your costs.  Previously your cost was what you paid for it, say $500.  If you could get $700 or more a day later,  you could get a quick $200 out of the deal.

With the bond in place, your cost of goods would zoom to $3,000, and you would have charge accordingly.  The department handling the "I lost my gun" claims would look at you cross-eyed if you started losing a gun every month.  This would effectively shut down one of the main supply lines feeding the Black Market.  This is something Trump would understand, how about you?

Please note this proposed bond system complete sidesteps make and model and semi auto and rifle and pistol and .22LR and .223. (or .556)

And it totally and completely NEVER TAKES AWAY ANYONE"S GUN.

For those who claim that it deprives the poor of protection, please talk to Clint Eastwood in his Dirty Harry persona.  A nine round .357 Magnum does a pretty good job of defense. (as does a 12 gauge shotgun)

"Well, do you feel lucky, PUNK?!?


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