Friday, February 23, 2018

The Cop is the Fall Guy, for Trump & All the Rest

I am sorely disappointed, but not surprised, about Trump's critique of the cop at Parkland. Had he gone inside & died, and multiple gunmen emerged, then they bitch about that.
"Gee, if he had stayed outside, he could have picked them off, one by one, as they came out, even with just his revolver. Instead they came out and killed 98 more, just because this cop was trying to play the hero."
That would have been parallel universe Trump, never taking any blame himself, as usual. The cop is screwed either way, and probably any other ways folks can dream up. The need for a scapegoat is incredible.
All of this avoids blaming the higher ups, Trump included, who made for a world, our world, in which this kid, got his gun.

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