Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Rolling GradeBook

This is a really neat Excel template for teachers which covers just about all the bases needed for slick classroom management. Rolling GradeBook can be seen at

In addition to the usual autocalc features, this grade book offers a striking visual realization of clarity in data entry. The various items are color coded, and each day is clearly delinated from the others. Every entry can have a comment which can be HUGE, but stays hidden until you mouse over the cell.

By making maximum use of Excel's tab features and drill through data capabilities, you can keep IEP's on separate pages, create quickie one time lists for fieldtrip checkoffs, textbook checkouts, and lab fees, etc.

Each class gets its own file, and thus each class can have its own password.

The data can be possed with easily changed code ID's to the classroom wall or to the internet. There is a system for visual alerts for missing work, space for the District ID numbers and codes, or even codes created by the teacher.

Try it, you like it. Soon to be available on EBay.

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