Friday, September 16, 2005

Under God doesn't sound Good to me

When I was in second grade, we were suddenly told we had to add "under God" to the pledge that had worked so well through WWI and WWII, and earlier, without the phrase.

I was born partially deaf, and my parents were not particular religious, and religon was2abstract to pay attention to, except for when my grandmother was burned up in a fiery headon collison with a tanker truck, and I was told she gone to God, that God had called her, and a bunch of other things which may me question just who the heck was this Being who ran off with my best friend ?

We are now told that it is optional for the students to say, "under God."

As soon as it is "optional" for the teacher to lead it without being forced to say the Christian/Muslim/Jewish phrase, then maybe it is not a mixing of church and state. There should be a standard unit (grade appropriate versions) to be taught anytime a student has a question about the inclusing/exclusion of the phrase.

What the heck does "under God" mean ?

"With joyful support from God," I could understand, but still have objections.

"Under God," has sinister connotations.

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