Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Spogging Part II

Technorati Profile

A while back I discovered blogs that merely were collections of newspaper articles strunng together, each one slightly related to a product to be sold. There was no real person opinion in them.

Now I've found something related, but I'm not even sure what the purpose is, other than to collect IP addies for experimentation. This new stuff is a rather arcane vocabulary slung together, once again like Racter, in semi meaningful nonsense sentences. Try this on for size.

"Pour over them four quaestor's of overpraising stint and strap stand for loose-lipped hours. You may make generousness on me as much as it please you, because of the bad opinion of my guiding-star I sid in my uncrystalline daringnesse. Unfortunately I drowsyhed under buspar longer than my breath would hold out,"

A search in technorati for quaestor will reveal many, many different blogs, all filled with the same gibberish. The stuff goes on like that for several paragraphs, and uses the same vocab over and over again in different posts. What's it all about, Alfie ?

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