Thursday, June 01, 2006

As Robots Improve, will we need Immigrants ?

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Currently we seem to need immigrants to do physical labor, clean houses, etc, because "Americans" won't. I wonder if that's because physically we're getting to weak (seems unlikely, plenty of American workers in the well paid, physically demanding, trades) or because the upper classes in this country feel that they are "entitled" to cheap labor in their second homes up at Tahoe ? Why should the lower classes (former middle classes) have to foot the additional bill for special Spanish High School diplomas for the illegal serfs working to clean the Tahoe McMansions ?

American corporate farmers also feel they are "entitiled" to cheap farm help too.

Frankly, as a member of the non-noble class in the USA (any family with less than $200,000/year income or less than $1,500,000 net worth), I feel I'm "entitled" to a real person on the other end of a phone line when I calll up a business which gets more than $50/month from me for any service. Fat lot of good it does me.

I think it would do the world a lot of good to shut down the borders and kick out anyone who doesn't pick up English within two years after that, and then only open the borders to those who do speak English. A major reason for this nation's success over the last two hundred years has been the standardization on one language.

Yes, food prices would go up......for a while. The Japanese, however, are making great strides in building robots which can do independent jobs, and the military has already shown us robot planes being controlled from 1/2 way around the world.

Give me a tactile sensitive robot that can examine and pick grapes, instead of targeting bombs, under the control of a moderately trained "American" human of whatever race, and I'll show you a 24/7/365 work force based simultaneously in Alaska and Florida, etc., picking grapes part and full time. The robots work the 24/7/365. The humans trade off the robots to other humans when they need to go change a daiper or whatever, while working from home, or at worst in an air-conditioned building near their place of residence. Farmer workers will work just like the Indians answering phones in India, or Maybe we'll just let the "guest workers" stay in Mexico, and pick food via remote control from there.

Digging ditches and pruning hedges can be handled the same way.

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Anna said...

How are the robots powered?